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Meet us at IBC2018

16 July 2018 | .Metadata
meet The European Metadata Group (TEMDG) during IBC2018. We would love to welcome you at our booth where we present our newest products and services during the exhibition. Fancy a break or a nice cup of coffee and a good [...]

Why we choose that specific video?

16 July 2018 | .Metadata
read our newest report on the effects of Choice Overload within video content? How come that consumers feel choice overwhelmed when selecting what and when they want to watch? Is it because they are missing inspiration, a good categorization or [...]

Drinks and bites at TEMDG

16 July 2018 | .Metadata
y 16th of September we organise an informal ‘drinks and bites’ at our booth, Hall 14, standno. A12 at the end of the afternoon. Here you can network with interesting professionals within the field and just enjoy a moment of [...]

Invitation lunch during IBC2018

5 July 2018 | .Metadata
ry year The European Metadata Group organises an informal business lunch during IBC. This is the moment to relax after those first intense days of the IBC exhibition and conference. Exclusive for quests of media-press.tv, Plurimedia, MediaDataTV and Bindinc. Metadata [...]

Press release: The European Metadata Group (TEMDG) launches TV Metadata Visuals Initiative

24 April 2018 | .Metadata
pril 23rd 2018 - The European Metadata Group, representing the leading suppliers of metadata and editorial services for the entertainment industry in Europe, is pleased to announce the TV Metadata Visuals Initiative to focus on optimizing workflows between broadcasters and operators [...]

Meet your contact of Bindinc. Metadata

7 December 2017 | .Metadata
Corry Siegers | Manager "I am driven by my passion to make every project a success." My journey started in 2012 with the mission to assemble this business unit 'Bindinc.Metadata'. In today’s rapid changing E&M industry it’s crucial to have [...]

Bindinc. at IBC2017 together with it’s partners of The European Metadata Group

26 October 2017 | .Metadata
r IBC was all about the new challenges, developments  and new trends that are driving the Entertainment industry. IBC is the place where the worlds of technology and media collide. As the Entertainment and Media industry continues to evolve at [...]

In the spotlight: Broadcast Services!

26 October 2017 | .Metadata
rive for higher quality standards of TV and radio metadata services, we also understand the difficulty and complexity it brings with it to be able to  provide 'good' metadata. The process of collecting, processing and enriching of metadata does bring [...]

Interview The European metadata Group during IBC2017

4 October 2017 | .Metadata
Cagossi, General Manager of Plurimedia and Founding member of The European Metadata Group, was interviewed about the essence of metadata during IBC2017. In this interview she explains the essence of a good metadata strategy. The whole interview can be viewed [...]

Nine new members for The European Metadata Group

19 September 2017 | .Metadata
ess release 19-9-2017: The European Metadata Group, Europe's leading TV metadata industry partnership is today delighted to welcome nine major media companies as new members. Swisscom (Switzerland), Press Association (UK), Mediadata (Spain), June (Sweden), Port Network (Hungary) and media press Group [...]

Meet The European Metadata Group during IBC2017

20 July 2017 | .Metadata
ndinc. and it’s partners of The European Metadata Group scheduled some business related presentations at our booth J.05 in hall 14. Please join us and our partners to learn more about metadata and what it can do for your business. Bindinc. [...]

Bindinc. Metadata new name Bindinc. Programme Data Services

19 July 2017 | .Metadata
Metadata is the new name for Programme Data Services. The new name better suits to our target audience and the international market. Read more about the business unit Metadata on the following page.

Major European suppliers of TV and entertainment data launch The European Metadata Group

13 March 2017 | .Metadata
ess.tv (Poland, Germany and Switzerland), Bindinc. (The Netherlands) and Plurimedia (France) have agreed on close cooperation that offers the highest quality standards for TV and entertainment metadata in Europe. All members are leaders in their own market and are recognized [...]

Metadata or bust: The supply chain of AV content and the need for high quality metadata

23 February 2017 | .Metadata
Metadata or bust: The supply chain of AV content & the need for high quality metadata By Rob Gommans The media industry is in the middle of a revolution and is facing many challenges. The emergence of today’s demanding consumers [...]

Summary event Strategic Metadata Optimisation

19 February 2017 | .Metadata
6th of February 2017, Bindinc. Programme Data Services and ISAN NL organised an exclusive event for its business relations. Theme of the event was: ‘STRATEGIC METADATA OPTIMISATION’: why should metadata be the key pillar of your content and distribution strategy, the supply chain [...]

Divitel and Bindinc. join forces

14 April 2016 | .Metadata
Divitel and Bindinc. signed a contract for a partnership in which both companies use their strengths to complement each other’s propositions. The international strategy of Divitel is a perfect fit with the unique programme data services Bindinc. offers. Bindinc. takes [...]

Video ‘How the viewer decides’

19 July 2015 | .Metadata

Video “Programme data without noise – garanteed!”

10 June 2015 | .Metadata
Bindinc. PDS collects and creates metadata for the entertainment industry. From basic programme listings to detailed media descriptions and rich editorial content. Analogue and digital, through print, online, mobile and connected TV. Our services support both content owners and content publishers [...]

Interview Grzegorz Knapczyk, media-press.tv

14 April 2015 | .Metadata
A short interview with Grzegorz Knapczyk of media-press.tv about metadata. What is his opinion about curation and recommendation?

Interview Thomas Birchmeier, Swisscom

14 April 2015 | .Metadata
A short interview with Thomas Birchmeier of Swisscom about the product and service Swisscom TV 2.0. What is his opinion about curation and recommendation?

Bindinc. PDS event: recommendation and curation!

16 February 2015 | .Metadata
1st of March, Bindinc. Program Data Services is organizing an exclusive event for its business relations. Theme of the event is: ‘GUIDING CONSUMERS WITH RECOMMENDATION AND CURATION’ Please sign up by filling out the requiring fields below. With the growing [...]