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Seminar Improving VOD Consumer Experiences

There is a growing complexity for VOD users regarding the amount of video content and the number of services and devices used. It is increasingly important for providers to understand the ‘pains’ and needs of users and to develop solutions. Content aggregation, content surfacing and discovery strategies become more and more important.

Bernd Riefler from Veed Analytics, a leading content and product intelligence service, will show us the growing complexity that users experience and will take us through different showcases of solutions being developed internationally.
Tom Dvorak from XRoadMedia will explain how content discovery can be improved through personalized content and user experience.

Different speakers from Bindinc. will highlight how its new VOD guide Guidinc. is an answer to the overkill of content and how return on content can be improved with a streamlined metadata creation and distribution process.

14:00 – 14:30 Start
14:30 – Introduction and welcome
14:35 – 15:00 Veed Analytics: Understanding underlying consumer and market dynamics
15:00 – 15:20 Bindinc.: Lessons learned after launch of VOD guide Guidinc.
15:20 – 15:30 Break
15:30 – 16:00 XroadMedia: Mastering the video content explosion through personalized user experiences
16:00 – 16:20 Bindinc.: Metadata as a key ingredient to staying ahead of the competition
16:20 – 16:30 Conclusion
16:30 – 18:00 Drinks

Loetje’s Garage
Amstelzijde 45, 1184 TZ Amstelveen
Please pay attention, due to COVID-19 the location has changed so we can guarantee enough space to maintain the Corona measures. 

Do you want to participate? Please register below. We’re looking forward to see you!

Do you want to contribute to the program? Please let us know below.

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