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Choice overload: event Bindinc. Metadata 8th of March

We welcome Movingmedia as official partner during the event. Main theme of the event is ‘Choice overload in video content’: how do people choose when they feel that they are overwhelmed with choice? Do consumers know what video they want to watch or are they highly influenced by what a platform presents? What influence does categorization and taxonomy have on decision making? Questions that are answered in our newest research about choice overload in video. All backed up by scientific research from a psychological background.

Guestspeakers are:

  • Andrew Richards, talking about his research ‘Choice, Metadata and Consumer Satisfaction’ conducted for Bindinc. Metadata
  • Melissa van der Schoor of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, talking about their newly launched VOD platform IFFR Unleashed.
  • Jeannet Sips of Bindinc. Lab presenting ‘Chatbot for video distribution’: what are our learnings, do’s and dont’s for launching your own chatbot?
  • Robert van Ginkel of Movingmedia presenting about ‘The vicious circle of metadata’.

Date: Thursday 8th of March
Time: 9.00 AM – 13.30 PM including lunch!
Location: Loetje aan ’t IJ in Amsterdam

Fill in the form to register for the event. You will receive further details by e-mail after registration.

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