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Collega’s Bindinc.Metadata stellen zich voor

Corry Siegers | Manager

I am driven by my passion to make every project a success.”

My journey started in 2012 with the mission to assemble this business unit ‘Bindinc.Metadata’. In today’s rapid changing E&M industry it’s crucial to have a strong and solid metadata strategy.  As Metadata is key for content discovery. This applies to all types of content, video, books, events, TV shows and the list goes on. Therefore Bindinc. stepped in this new area in 2014 and started with TV & Video.

I’ve always been very passionate about the media industry and was more than pleased to start this new challenge. I’m very proud on what we have accomplished so far. This was all made possible by a strong and dedicated team and good partnerships. I’m looking forward for growth through innovation in the field of content discovery. Bindinc. will expand further with event data and will continue to develop and grow in the field of metadata.

The future looks very bright!

Gijs de Koning | Account manager

“My goal is to make technique and data easier to understand”

I joined Bindinc. four years ago when the metadata business-unit was formed. I have a background in sales and development of software and automated workflows for media companies. This experience gives me a good network and very clear understanding of the technical possibilities and challenges around entertainment metadata, allowing me to think along with our clients to find the best solutions to optimize our services, and the clients’ products.

In my free time I’m a dedicated father and very passionate about photography. When I’m not in the office, I walk around with my camera, shooting photos of the city, nature and people.

May Ismail | Marketing (Sales) & Research

“Pro-active and keen to learn”

In September 2016 I started my new challenge at Bindinc. My focus is on seeking new growth opportunities and conducting multiple market researches and assist with marketing related activities.

Throughout the years I had built a strong background in sales & marketing. However my study (International Business and management) had provided me with a broad range of skills. I have developed numeracy skills in the field of marketing, research and finance.

I’m here to assist my colleagues, seek new growth opportunities and help to build and shape Bindinc.Metadata. I have seen them grow in the past year in such a high speed. It has been truly an honor working with them.

Martijn van Zutphen | Account Manager

“I am driven by
customer satisfaction”

I started working at Bindinc. 20 years ago. I was one of the founders of Bindinc. prepress department serving all the designers of our company. I have a background in graphic technology. I also studied Hotel school where I learned a lot about customer satisfaction.  It’s all about making the customers happy.

In my free time I’m blessed to be a father of two lovely boys. I Love to run and cycle and have quality time with family and friends.

Bindinc. bereikt, boeit en bindt
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